Throwback Thursday – Oh, How Times Have Changed

By Diane Elkin -Jacobson Staffing, Inc

When people mention Throwback Thursday (#TBT) you may immediately think of Facebook and other social media posts of friends and family and pictures of them in their younger years.  You may sit back and think, Oh how times have changed!  As a recruiter there are moments when I think the same thing.  When I was fresh out of college and seeking to start my career, the “rules” were so different then than they are today.  I wonder how many of these you recall!
HelpWantedFirst, a popular way to find out what jobs were available was to scour the Help Wanted section of your local newspaper.  A highlighter or pen was usually needed to circle all the jobs that were calling your name.  Needless to say, those days have passed with the dinosaurs.  When was the last time you did that??  Job boards of all sizes and niche along with LinkedIn are now available at the touch of a button from our smart phones.  Building relationships with people that have their finger on the pulse, such as local and experienced recruiters, continue to be the best way to find the opportunities that are best for you and your career.

Secondly, resumes and how they are created have drastically changed, albeit improved! Typewrite Who remembers shopping for resume paper and the stress in choosing 20# or 24# bond paper?  Do I choose Classic White, Cream, Grey, or Textured paper and are the matching envelopes required?  (Yes they were!)  Once you had the correct paper it was then time to get out your trusted typewriter and start pecking away.  Typewriters were eventually replaced by desktop computers and the demand for Liquid Paper drastically dropped.  Today we have apps that can quickly help us create a work of art from our phones and tablets!  I likely could have bought another tablet had I not spent so much money on 24# paper in my early years.

Suit-tieLastly, how we dress for interviews and/or work has greatly changed in the past few decades.  While I still highly recommend “dressing for success”, there are times when that may mean putting on a nice pair of jeans and sneakers in lieu of a shirt and tie *IF* that is their corporate culture. Thankfully for women the “power” shoulder pads of the 80’s have been replaced by normal, classy attire.  Fortunately we no longer look like a linebacker as we walk into work!   I have seen both sides of the spectrum while recruiting IT talent – some clients are strict shirt/tie culture where others are shorts/flip flops.  If you are unsure, always fall back to professional dress.

As rapidly as technology and trends are changing it will be fascinating to see what the next 10, 20, 50 years will look like on so many levels.  The technology may be more phenomenal than we can imagine today.  Will resumes become a thing of the past?  What will be the HOT careers to work towards?  I believe one thing will remain consistent and that is the need for people to network with, build relationships with, and to support.  All the fancy gadgets will never replace that.  As much as some things change, others remain the same.