Consulting: A Viable Alternative to Direct Hire

Consulting can offer a sensible and economically feasible way to meet staffing needs when a corporate client does not want to bring in a direct hire employee. Although many situations can prompt the need for a consultant, the following are typical examples where consultants can fill a void:

  • During peak periods, an organization needs to supplement its direct hire staff by bringing in one or many consultants for a specified timeframe.
  • In some instances, a company may need a specialized skill set for a pre-determined amount of time or project.

Jacobson Staffing helps solve such challenges by presenting candidates who serve as consultants for as long as necessary.
A consultant does not become an employee of the corporate client. Instead, the consultant represents Jacobson Staffing and works side-by-side with company employees, functioning as a team member to accomplish the tasks at hand.
We stay in close contact with our consultants and corporate clients during the entire consulting period, remaining available to answer questions, as well as facilitating issues, to ensure success for everyone involved.

Contract-to-Hire: Maximum Flexibility for Everyone

The contract-to-hire option can be an attractive method for corporate clients and candidates to find the right fit before making a long-term commitment. In a contract-to-hire arrangement, the candidate is brought in-house as a consultant, with the understanding that a direct hire position may become available in the future.

Although the specific scenario may vary, the basic advantages of the contract-to-hire method are as follows:

  • The consultant can enjoy the opportunity to confirm their perception of the organization and the position before becoming an employee.
  • Before extending a direct hire placement offer, the corporate client has the opportunity to assess their own needs while also evaluating the individual consultant’s work and personal performance.

Contract-to-hire arrangements may arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A company may not have the immediate need or budget approval to bring on a full-time employee. However, the company expects to make such a move in the future. So the company enters a contract-to-hire agreement. Then, if all goes well, the consultant may become a direct hire employee in the future.
  • If a company does not yet have the signatures and/or approvals needed to bring on an additional employee, the contract-to-hire option is a convenient way to start a candidate until the paperwork is completed.
  • A short-term requirement may grow to the point that the corporate client wants to convert a consultant to full-time employee.

Direct Hire

Direct hire positions are full time positions typically with benefits. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes the staffing company to prescreen and identify the talent, coordinate interviews, negotiate compensation packages, and then hires them directly to their organization. A candidate offered a direct hire position is not an employee of the staffing company, but goes directly on the client company’s payroll.

Executive Search

A Retained search is an exclusive search agreement traditionally conducted for Executive level positions. Both Jacobson Staffing and the hiring organization make the commitment to prioritize this position and provide immediate feedback to each other to ensure the role is filled with the right candidate as quickly as possible. Jacobson Staffing provides extensive research, client intake, and feedback. Typically, the fee is based on a percentage of the first year salary, paid 1/3 up front to begin the search, 1/3 upon the delivery of the first candidate resume(s), and the final 1/3 is due upon close of the search. If a candidate is hired from another source during the search, or no candidate is hired at all, Jacobson Staffing is still due the remainder of the fee.

The Contained search, also known as a Container search, can be exclusive or semi-exclusive search arrangement for executive level positions or other critical hires. Jacobson Staffing and the hiring organization agree to provide detailed information and feedback in a timely manner, making the search mutually a top priority. Jacobson Staffing conducts extensive research, identifies and prequalifies candidates, coordinates interviews, and helps negotiate compensation packages. Container searches begin with a non-refundable “deposit” upfront, which is a percentage of the average fee. The balance of the actual search fee is due only when Jacobson Staffing successfully completes the search assignment.

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