Candidate Process


  1. Phone Screen – We start our process with a conversation: to find out about you, your career history, and your career goals. If we don’t have a job that’s a fit for you now, we’ll know what would interest you in the future.
  2. Complete Employment application- Each candidate is responsible for completing our two page company application and providing professional references.
  3. Face to Face Meeting – Two team members from Jacobson Staffing meet individually with our candidates face to face. Interviews may be conducted either in person or via Skype.
  4. Wish List – When we meet, we’ll work with you to create a customized “wish list” based on what’s important to you in a new opportunity. Which technologies? Commute? Working in a specific industry? What kind of culture? More money or better benefits? Dress Code? Using the list as our guide, we can discuss specific client opportunities.

  5. Permission to Submit – All candidates must provide written consent to a Jacobson Staffing team member which gives us permission to submit them for potential job opportunities.
  6. Interview Prep – Before the interview, we will provide you with information about the company, position and interviewers and provide interviewing tips as well as any feedback from your in person meeting with us.
  7. Interview Debrief and Feedback – After the interview, we’ll have a thorough debrief and determine if this is the right opportunity for you. If the client doesn’t think so, we’ll be honest with you. If you do not like the opportunity, we want to find out what you did not like and work with you to identify another opportunity that fits what you desire.
  8. Resignation and Transition Process – We will help guide you through the resignation and transition process.
  9. Communication – Once you start your new position, we stay in contact whether you are a direct hire or a consultant. When you are a Consultant, we keep track of the experiences andskills you’re gaining on your Consulting project, so we know which future assignments will work for you.

Our hiring process is not centered around our jobs, it’s centered around our candidates. Let’s get acquainted – contact us now