9 Outdated Technology Job Titles or Terminology – Do you really want to date yourself?

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By Suzanne Williams -Jacobson Staffing, Inc

Look at how the job titles and terminology have changed in the past 10 -15 years!

1) Data Processing (Information Technology)
2) Programmer / Analyst (Developer)
3) LAN Administrator (Network Engineer or System Administrator)
4) Technical Writer (Technical Communications or Information Engineering)
5) Client/Server (specifically describe the technology if it’s hosted, a web app server, etc. )
6) Program (Develop – verb, Software or Application – noun)
7) Flowchart (Process diagram)
8) Help Desk (still ok but Service Desk is newer)
9) Floppy Disk, Assembler, Fortran (obsolete/archaic/outdated technologies so there’s not really a modern interchangeable term)